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Bin Cip Wip Washing System
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Application & Process :

CIP/ WIP system is useful for cleaning and washing at place of Vessel, Tank, Bin, Fluid Bed Equipment, High shear Mixer, Blender, Auto Coater and IBC Bin.

We manufacture of CIP/ WIP system with complete closed CIP/WIP system for Bin washing.

Automatic washing station is consists of closed washing cabinet, washing system with pump, Hot air handling system and PLC controls system with HMI.

Used bin is oriented in the closed cabinet and closed entrance main door for washing. Washing cycle time can be set as per requirements for Plain water, Hot water, Detergent, Distilled water. In auto mode Bin wash automatically as per sets cycles. There are nos. of spraying nozzles for washing at all corners & all side walls for outer washing. Top mounting spraying nozzle is fitted with telescopic pneumatic cylinder to wash inner surface of the bin, Inner washing nozzle move upward & downward during washing for completely washing of bin. The cabinet is having drain pot with recirculation of water connection with pump if required then it can be recalculated. After complete washing cycles then bin is dry by passed filter hot air circulation by air handling unit. After drying of Bin on set temperature then released for new batch safe storage.

Closed washing system for bin can be supplied with storage tank for water, Hot water generator, detergent tank and air handling unit as per customer requirements.

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