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Application & Process :

Palletize is implemented in the pharmaceuticlal, agricultural, chemical, nutraceutical industries where it is required to create pellets with uncontrolled characteristics of density, size, and surface. These technologies are implemented in multiple industries with very specific differences required for pharmaceutical batch systems and continuous systems.

The Process powder is put on the inclined cylindrical drum and they are converted into round pellets with the help of the cylindrical drums. The inclined cylindrical drum is rotate inclined and spray nozzle is fitted for fluidized / spraying of water/ binder. Due to round baffles the powder is fluidized and agglomeration and also that time fluidized the water/ binder by spray nozzle. Due to rotation of drum agglomerated granules is rotate in the drum during the pelletization process. During this movement of pellet on the rotating drum, they are get bigger size by the fluidization on the drum and converted into approximately same size of its diameter 2mm to 6 mm.

Wet Pellets are turned into spherical shape by rotating.

New Design Features :

Techical Specifications :

Bhgwati - 12
1 Kg
Total Electric Power
0.75 kW
Drum size
Dia. 300 x 75 mm
Drum speed
Up to 90 RPM through AC Frequency drive.
ISO Certifications
15 Offices Worldwide
150 Hardworking People
4000 Worldwide Installations
25 Years Of Experience

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