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Filter Press - Zero Hold Up
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Application & Process :

The filter press is a solid liquid separation device using the principle of pressure feeding. It is highly efficient, compact, dewatering device for separating solids from liquid slurries in the form of compressed cake. It has wide range of applications by several industries like Pharma, bulk drugs, distilleries, beverages & other industries.

The unfiltered liquid is fed into the filter under positive pressure, where liquid travels in downwards direction and finds its way through opening on sides of the Filter Plates. As the liquid pressure increases, the Filter media holds the foreign particles and allows only clear filtrate to pass through the central channel formed by interlocking pressure cups to the outlet. Filtration is continued until the cake holding capacity of the unit is reached or until the filtrate rate becomes too slow owing to cake resistance.

Salient Features :

Techical Specifications :

Bhagwati - 8
Bhagwati - 14
Diameter of plates
No of plates
8 plates
10 plates
Filtering area m²
0.275 m²
0.91 m²
Cake holding capacity
6.10 Liters
28 Liters
Flow rate per hour*
750Liters / hour
3500 Liters / hour
Size of pump
1 Centrifugal
1 Centrifugal
Motor HP
1.0 HP
2 HP
ISO Certifications
15 Offices Worldwide
150 Hardworking People
4000 Worldwide Installations
25 Years Of Experience

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