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Application & Process :

The IPC Bin loader is used for transferring and discharging the material dust free and without human touch in pharmaceutical industries for Load powder in to HSMG bowl, hopper of tablet press, Container of blender, Load tablet in to hopper of blister pack & Coating Machine and as well as used for online sifting and milling.

The IPC Bin Loader consists of a main frame, Bin fixing arm, Hydraulic lifting device and pivot base. This main frame move 360 degree on axis and Bin fixing arm move upward and downward in the frame by hydraulic cylinder and power pack system. The moveable container/Bin bringing placed beneath the fixing arm, operate the hydraulic drive system which lifts arm with the container and it raises the container till it gets stops exactly in a position, slew the column to swivel the bin over inlet of the next processing equipment, then it could be unload by opening of butterfly on the whatever next processing equipment.

Salient Features :

Techical Specifications :

Bhagwati -400
Bhagwati -600
Bhagwati -800
Bhagwati -1000
Bhagwati -1200
Suit Bin Capacity -Liter
Electric Power- Kw
Discharge Height
Product Container Height
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Column Height
Total Length
ISO Certifications
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4000 Worldwide Installations
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