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Spheronizer ( Pellets Making, Extruder, Pelletize )
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Application & Process :

This machine is particularly designed for pharmaceutical, food and chemical laboratory small batch tests. Spheronizer enables uniform coating and accurate free flow filling into capsules drug applications within the pharmaceutical industry require consistent smooth surface particles, with a narrow size distribution.

Spheronization helps to eliminate dust within the agro-chemical, pigment, and catalyst industries. This can reduce the risk due to toxic, environmental, and explosive hazards. It also improves processing consistency and productivity by using consistent free-flowing product and to reduce product settlement in transport of powder products prior to packaging.

Spherodizer (also known as spheroinizers) provide a spherical product that is a more attractive as well as higher performing final granular product form than unspheronized. The Spheroinizers are implemented to produce uniform spheres for a wide range of technical as well as marketing driven reasons. Spheroidization can be used to improve the following:

Narrow size distribution is controlled through the use of one of Prism's extruders such as Basket Extruder or Axial extruder to define the diameter of the feed material for the Spheronization Process.

Feed material to the Spherodizer falls onto the high speed rotating chequered plate within the walls of cylinder of Spheronize of pellets. This plate contains many small sharply edged pyramids which cut the feed granulates to length at approximately 1 to 1.5 times their diameter. Centrifugal and gravitational forces create a mechanically fluidized ring of these particles which are impacting not only the plate but also each other and the walls with great velocity. With these impacts, they are reformed into spheres with a slight surface densification. Fines which were generated during the process are worked back into the spheres themselves leaving a very low dusting process with spheres which tend not to dust because of their slightly harder exterior and lack of corners. Variables for this Spheronization process include the formulation, the plate's pyramid sizes, the plate's rotational speed, and finally the time that the granules are allowed to stay inside the spheroinizers.

Batch processing is typical for the requirements of pharmaceutical applications while the larger industrial Spheronization applications often employ the higher capacity cascade Spheronization method where granules are continuously moving through 2 or more Spherodizer bowls in a cascade layout to create the final spherical form required.

Pharmaceutical spheroinizers are available with capacities from 0.25 Kg per batch to 60 Kg per batch. Industrial cascade spheroinizers with capacities to 100 Kg per batch are available.

Salient Features :

Safety Features :

Techical Specifications :

Output- Kg/hour
Compressed Air- CFM
Disk Speed
Bhagwati -7/5
Bhagwati -15
0.05 to 0.25
Please contact us for more details.
Bhagwati -25
0.2 to 1
Bhagwati -38
0.5 to 3
Bhagwati -50
3 to 10
Bhagwati -70
5 to 20
Bhagwati -90
20 to 50
Bhagwati - 100
40 to 80
Bhagwati -120
30 to 100
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