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Application & Process :

Planetary Mixer is ideal for mixing of wet/dry powder materials. It has a homogeneous mixing action i.e. emulsions and semisolid. It integrates mixing, vacuuming, heating, cooling and homogenizing functions into single machine, resulting in a considerably reduction in cycle time.

The basis of mixing system of Planetary Mixer is a combination of planetary- rotating paddle agitator. 2 Nos. Anchor type agitator with cross baffles rotates in anti-clockwise direction with planetary motion in there axis. While paddle revolves in clockwise direction with planetary action, generating a disturbance in the normally circular flow pattern and dampen vortex formation. The mixing blade and planetary action having dual speed. In addition, adjustable scrapers are utilized to prevent the build-up of a stagnant film between the agitator and the vessel, and assure efficient heat transfer to product during heating and cooling steps. The speed of the agitator and the counter paddle can be varied separately.

The Product container is castor wheel mounted for easy load and unload to the machine. The top mixing blade assembly is motorized up and down during container loading and unloading. The mixing container is jacketed for heating / cooling and completely enclosed. The product container can be designed to operate under vacuum; mixing can then be performed without entrainment of air. Top lid of the product container having charging pot for binder adding, eye glass window and light glass.

Salient Features :

Optional Features :

Safety Features :

Techical Specifications :

Machine Description
Bhgwati 50
Bhgwati 75
Bhagwati 150
Bhagwati 250
Total Volume (Liter)
Working Volume (Liter)
Working Load In Kg.
Anchor Blade Dual Speed
Blade Drive Motor- HP
Planetary Speed
Planetary Motor HP
Lid Lifting Motor HP
ISO Certifications
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150 Hardworking People
4000 Worldwide Installations
25 Years Of Experience

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